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Skin Type – Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin is usually tight and the facial pores are very small. The skin usually has fine wrinkles, flaking and red patches. Coloured skin may appear ashy or dull.

Dry skin is characterised by:

  • make up doesn’t absorb into the skin
  • premature wrinkles
  • poor circulation and a lack of healthy colour
  • minimal or no pores or acne

Although the feeling of tight, dried out skin can be age-related, dry skin can also be caused by using a moisturiser that is not rich enough for your skin needs or a cleanser that is too harsh. A gentle skin care routine will help the driest of skin feel more supple and radiant.

Gently cleansing using milky liquid cleansers, tissue-off cleansing creams or super fatted soaps called beauty bars that contain emollients such as olive oil or lanolin, will help eliminate dry skin.

The drier your skin, the more hydrating ingredients your moisturiser should contain. Choose products that include glycerin, hyaluronic acid, emu oil or lanolin, as well as antioxidants with vitamins A, C and E. These ingredients slow down moisture loss during the day, preventing further dehydration. Emu oil and lanolin have the added benefits of healing scars and reducing wrinkles, whilst antioxidants help slow down the ageing process.

Dry Skin Rules


  • In the morning simply splash your face with warm water, and in the evening wash your face using a mild, soap-free liquid cleanser or super fatted cleansing bar.
  • Select moisturisers which contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, emu oil, placenta, lanolin or glycerin to delay moisture loss and prevent further dryness.
  • Use masks or serums such as Placenta Extract Serum which is rich in vitamins and mineral that replenish the skin and plump up wrinkles.
  • Apply moisturiser when your face and body is still damp.
  • Use oil based foundations and cream or cream powder blushers as the oil they contain help soften fine lines and wrinkles.


  • Wash your face with hash soap. Ever.
  • Use grainy cleansing products or buffing pads.
  • Forget to apply an SPF-15 sunscreen to your face and neck every day.

Normal Skin
Normal skin has a very balanced condition, not too oily or too dry, just like a baby.