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Quality and research

Quality and research

Rebirth’s success is rooted in its high quality products and affordable prices. We source the highest quality, pure and natural ingredients from all corners of Australia, plus the entire range meets Australian manufacturing standards.

The unique Australian environment gives us the opportunity to partner with local farmers who produce for us placenta extract, emu oil, tea tree oil and manuka honey. Additionally, research and product innovative is consistently conducted in our laboratory to ensure the very best pure and natural skincare products from Australia.

Q. How do I know that Rebirth products are safe?

A. All Lanopearl products meet the the Industrial Chemicals (Notification and Assessment) Act 1989 definition of cosmetics. Our products do not include any chemicals that are prohibited or restricted for use in cosmetics. Rigorous testing is applied to ensure compliance.

Q. Where do you source your products from?

A. We source our placenta, emu oil, tea tree oil, manuka honey and many of the herbs found in our products directly from local Australian farmers.

Q. How do I know what ingredients Rebirth products use?

A. All our products disclose on the packaging a full ingredients list in accordance with the Trade Practices (Consumer Product Information Stardards) Cosmetics Regulations 1991


Rebirth Laboratory

Australian made and owned

Q. Is Rebirth an Australian company?

A. Yes! Rebirth is an Australian owned company and Rebirth products are 100% made in Australia. Some of the benefits of being an Australian owned company include retaining profits within Australia and creating employment opportunities for Australians.

GMP (Rebirth supplements & vitamins)

Rebirth vitamins and health food supplements are classified as ‘Therapeutic Goods’ and are listed with the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). TGA is Australia’s regulatory authority for therapeutic goods under the Department of Health and Ageing which monitors and assesses the quality of therapeutic goods to protect consumers. Products that are listed on TGA will have a AUST L number.

In addition, Rebirth vitamins comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) codes of conduct. GMP is a term that is recognised worldwide for the management of manufacturing and quality control of food and pharmaceutical products.

Q. What is the difference between a therapeutic good and a cosmetic?

A. Therapeutic goods are generally products that prevent, diagnose or cure diseases, ailments or injuries. For more information, please visit, www.tga.gov.au

Halal certification

Q. Are Rebirth products Halal certified?

A. Yes. All Rebirth products meet Halal standards and are certified by Halal Australia. ‘Halal’ is an Arabic term meaning ‘allowed’ or ‘lawful’ which is applied to food suitable for Muslim consumption. Food that falls under the category of Halal must be a high quality product that is pure, wholesome and nutritious. These high standards are upheld by rigorous quality control. For more information, please visit, www.halal-australia.com.au


Rebirth Factory Production Line


Rebirth Bulk Cream Mixing Room