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Lanopearl develops new and innovative products using nature’s greatest herbs. We are inspired by nature and all the boundless possibilities Australian herbs have to offer.

Best Anti-ageing from Australia

Lanopearl is proud to be 100% Australian. Australia has many natural resources that can be utilised to enhance beauty.

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Rebirth’s long history has ensured it is the No. 1 placenta cream expert in Australia thanks to the uniqueness of its formula. Developed by a group of passionate friends and laboratory experts striving to create high quality Australian placenta and vitamin E cream, Rebirth placenta anti-wrinkle creams have sold 3 million jars worldwide.


School reunion makes history
Rebirth’s history dates back to 1993, when a group of old friends gathered for a school reunion. Whilst excited to see each other, collectively the group were shocked at how much they had all aged. Years of being exposed to the sun’s harmful rays had left them with fine lines and wrinkles. The shock prompted the group to discuss how they could challenge the ageing process and recapture their youthful skin.


This shock resulted in the group deciding to launch a mission; to develop a range of products that would slow down the ageing process and allow their skin to be regenerated and restored to its former glory. With the aid of experts, the group were introduced to the anti-ageing properties of placenta. Placenta is a naturally occurring ingredient that is crucial to preventing fine lines and wrinkles. The group formed the Rebirth Company to promote their new range.


Rebirth, Australia’s No. 1 placenta expert
Established in 1993, Rebirth Company is the original placenta expert in Australia. The Rebirth laboratory pioneers unique skin cream formulas utilising sheep placenta. Fortified by pure placenta ,the Rebirth skincare range minimises early signs of age spots, scars and skin discolouration, ensuring naturally beautiful skin. The perfect proportion of placenta, mixed with a water and oil base creates a rich, smooth, yet non-greasy and highly absorbent cream. In addition Vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, plays a vital role in stimulating new cell production. For anyone who wants to maintain younger looking, soft and radiant skin, the Rebirth skincare range is second to none.


Rebirth is dedicated to developing the most effective anti-ageing skin treatments available, at affordable prices. We offer a 100% money back guarantee to anyone not satisfied with Rebirth products. As the placenta skincare experts, we are commited to complete customer satisfaction!


About placenta
Sheep placental extract is a rich source of “bioactive nutrients” including essential amino acids, placental protein, Hyaluronic Acid (HA), Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Nucleic Acids, Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF’s), Senescent Cell Activating Factors (SCAF’s) and antioxidants.

• Amino acids are building blocks of proteins and are needed for most bodily functions.
• SOD is a potent antioxidant enzyme that acts as a free radical scavenger, protecting cells from oxidative harm caused by free radicals. Diminished oxidative harm results in fewer fine lines and wrinkles.
• There is a reduction of age spots and pigmentation due to decreased production of melanin by SOD.
• HA promotes rapid healing and diminishes scars.
• EGF’s trigger new cell generation and renewal.
• SCAF’s activate the renewal of aged cells, thereby resulting in rejuvenated cells that are youthful, healthy and hydrated.

Anti-ageing properties:


• Stimulates skin cell renewal by reinvigorating old cells and generating new healthy cells. The result is a youthful appearance.
• Provides intense hydration to the skin, returning firmness and suppleness whilst reducing fine lines and wrinkles.
• Reduces pigmentation and diminish the appearance of age spots, blemishes and discolouration.
• Promotes a smooth, translucent skin complexion.
• Increases skin elasticity thereby reducing the appearance of saggy skin.
• Encourages rapid healing of new scars and reduce the visibility of existing scars.
• Returns vigour to dry, aged skin ensuring young and radiant looking skin.
• Helps balance the skin’s natural sebum production and reduces open pores.
• Aids in regulating the menstrual cycle, easing menstrual pain and alleviating menopausal symptoms.
• Improves energy and vitality.